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Sicherlich kennen die einen oder anderen Surfer mich, durch meine Admintätigkeiten in vBulletin Internetforen. Angefangen habe ich beim D2Network als Moderator und wurde relativ schnell Admin. Eingeschränkt konnte ich dort bereits erste Änderungen an den Codedateien vornehmen.
Aufgrund persönlicher Differenzen mit dem damaligen Staff verlies ich das Forum, und gründete die Seite Civ3D, an der ich endlich alle Veränderungen am Code durchführen durfte die ich wollte. Seit dieser Zeit bin ich auch regelmäsig bei vBulletin.org zu sehen.
Seit dem 24. Juli 2002 bin ich offiziell Mitglied bei vbulletin.org, als Moderator, und seit dem 10. März 2003 bin ich Webmaster und Administrator derselben.

Das installieren der von mir hier angegebenen Codeveränderungen geschieht auf eigene Verantwortung. Falls Problem auftreten sucht bitte auf vBulletin.org nach einer Lösung. Die Hacks sollten auch mit anderen Versionen funzen, die vB Version besagt mit welcher Version sie geschrieben wurden.
Alle Links zeigen auf den jeweiligen Thread auf vbulletin.org, damit wirklich nur lizensierte User meine Hacks Downloaden können!!!
vB Version Hack Titel Beschreibung released
3.5.4 Staff can Post Hidden Posts Alright, this Modification is a port of my 3.0.0 Version here.

Short description:

This mod allows you and your moderators, to post hidden posts, which will be visible just to your staff, but not to the users, which will allow you to have comfortable conversations about an issue directly within a thread, withoput users noticing.

There is no more to say. The modification is installed here since a long time and no problems appeared, but i still consider it as a beta version, right now, until usertest have approved it as well :)

3.5.0 Forums arranged in columns on forumhome As requested several times, this hack allows you to arrange forums on forumhome in xx columns instead of just one per row as it is in standart vb3. It is a plain port of my 3.0 version you can find here.

Look at the screenshot to know what i mean :)

The design is changeable in the templates of course :)

I've tested it, and it should work, but as i don't use it myself, i cannot do a longtime test, so if you find any bugs, report them :)

Right now, it's just working on forumhome.
I'll add changes for forumdisplay later
3.5.3 Prevent Doubleposting When a User posts into a thread where he already has the lastpost, no new post will be added. The lastpost of him will be edited and the new text is put after his first message.
This will be done until the old post is older than 24 hours (you can change this timespan yourself:))

Nothing more to say about that, it's the quite same as my vb3.0 version.

Please note that this Hack is still in Beta, there are some things which have not been ported from the old version, and there might be bugs not fixed yet!
3.5.0 Beta 1 vB Easy Archive - Search Engine Spiderable Hack! Ok, as a lot of users have installed my vB Easy Archive Hack i've decided to release a vB3.5 Version as well. Note that vB3.5 is currently in beta, and so is my hack as well!

As vB3 already comes with an build in Archive System, it's not that needed than it was in vb2, but for all of you, who have installed the vb2 version and don't want to loose their indexed Pages, this one is for you :)

I'm lazy and therefore will copy the Releasetext of vb2 by SkuZZy.

About this hack

This hack will help get all your threads listed in google and other search engines and get your threads easily spidered! It works by creating an archive and turning all your posts into .html format. It doesn't actually create the .html files though, but google thinks they are real! It uses mod_mime. If you don't have mod_mime, you will still be able to install this hack, just read the install.txt for help then.

What does it do?

The purpose of this hack are to get your keywords from your forums listed in google and get people visiting them! Since these are all pure text and don't use tables or excess font tags, they are very friendly on bandwidth! This will display all your files in a nice text format that google will absolutely love! Visit the online demo below to see it in action!

Online Demo

To view a demo of this script, visit this site:


vBulletin 3.x
mod_mime installed (not absolutelly required, but recommended)
5 minutes of your time...

Known Problems/Confusion

Mod_mime - It is recommended to have mod_mime installed to run these scripts. Mod_mime is a free module which enables a directive called "ForceType". This allows you to use the .htaccess file included to force your files into php mode, which allows simple URL's, without .php in them. If you can see the front page of your archive, but get an error page when you click on any links then this is your problem. To fix it, you will need to install mod_mime, or ask your host to do it. It's a FREE module. For more information, visit http://httpd.apache.org/docs/mod/mod_mime.html
If you want to run vb Easy Archive without mod_mie, please look into the install.txt

Private forums - Private forums are NOT shown and they will NOT be spidered. Some people say the private forums show up, that is because you are logged in as the admin and the archive uses permissions. So anyone who has permission to view the private forums on your forums, will beable to view them on the archives also. But if you log out of your account OR log into an account that doesn't have access to them, then you won't beable to view them :)

Forumlist yes, but threadlist no - http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showp...5&postcount=91

SkuZZy aka Adam J. de Jaray, who gets my Special Thanks for his modifications, releasing and of course his Support to my Script's vb2 version. Note, he does not have anything to do with the vb3 version, but without him, there wouldn't have been the vb2 version and therefore i would never have released the one for vb3 :)


By using these scripts & installing them, you agree to leave the small (virtually unnoticable) copyright text and links at the bottom of all pages. You also agree to leave jelsoft's copyright there as well. You can modify the scripts much as you want, but this portion must remain intact (links must stay) and visible. This is all I ask :D

Download Final

To install, just download the file below and open the "install.txt" file. All is explained there. Installation should only take a couple of minutes. If you have problems with this script, post them in this thread and I will try and get around to answering them.
3.5.0 Beta 1 Message Editing Hierarchy Have you ever noticed that Admins and Super Moderators can edit/delete/peak everyone's messages in your forum? This also applies to Moderators for the board they are assigned.

Normally this shouldn't be a problem, but on bigger sites with a lot of Mod's it could lead to problems sometimes.
This is a Plugin version of my vb3.0 hack i released here,

After applying the hack default editing permissions in your board will be changed like this:
  • Moderators: Can edit everyone's posts in the forum they're assigned, UNLESS author is another Moderator, SuperMod or Admin.
  • SuperModerators: Can edit everyone's post in all boards UNLESS author is another SuperMod or Admin.
  • Admins: Can edit eveyone's post in all boards UNLESS user is another Admin
  • SuperAdmins: Can edit eveyone's post in all boards (Superadmins are defined in config.php)
So the hack will apply a "message editing hierarchy" in your board and everyone will be able to edit messages for ones who are below him and cant touch messages of his superiors..If they try, they'll get no permission page. This will apply for editing the messages, deleting the message via edit message or just peaking inside it. But be warned: messages can still be deleted via "Delete Thread / Posts" menu..

If you install this plugin, please click install, thank you..


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